Hung Up

Romanticising the past - I’m living a lie. Trying to convince myself I’m missing something now you are no longer a part of my life.   Trying to move on from something, most would say was nothing, but it meant everything to me clearly.   I’m still hung up now even after you’ve aired your … Continue reading Hung Up


Remind Me

Remind me what it’s like to live in the light.   Take me to the edge, make me feel that fight or flight -   the rush through my veins. Tell me my life will never be the same.   Now you run the game (but we share the trousers) This isn’t mine now it’s … Continue reading Remind Me


Let me be your doctor, I will tell you what’s wrong with you. You’ve got a very serious case Of the famous flew.   No cape, there’s nothing heroic about your weekly escapes. Your elaborate escapades could win you an accolade. All this ghosting you do, you’d even put Casper to shame.   Because one … Continue reading Flew


You can’t set yourself on fire, just to keep others warm.   The same way you can’t stretch yourself for others, to the point where you become torn.   Every one has a limit, it's just some would rather push themselves too far than admit it's   all too much.   In my youth I … Continue reading Torn