A Letter to My Future Self

Dear future me,

Where do I start?

I pray you are truly happy,

I hope you’ve found a home for your heart.


I know you will have found yourself,

You’ve finally let go.

You’ve discovered your self-worth,

No more tales of sadness and woe.


I trust you’re still listening to R&B and grime,

Still hanging out with your friends.

Reminiscing about those good old times,

Nostalgia pangs, the familiar feeling never ends.


Dear future me,

Don’t forget the experiences that made you.

Remember, the lessons of life continue

(even after your degree)


I guess you’ve learnt that you discover the most,

Every time life doesn’t go your way.

Still, it hasn’t stopped you ringing your mum,

To complain about your misfortune every single damn day.


Dear future me,

I hope you’ve travelled

Ventured further across seas.

But above all,

I pray you’ve collected valuable memories.


But future me,

What ever future time this may be

In a year, or even in three

Live for the moment, and a wonderful life you shall lead.


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