Over-thinking is like Over-drinking

It’s late

and I’m thinking.


It’s a weekday

but I’m drinking.


Intoxicated by my negative thoughts,


I’m over-thinking.


Just like over-drinking,

once you have your first drop

you can’t stop.


Soon the bottles done,

one person pity party –

It’s no fun.


I seek solace, therapy for my thoughts.




I’ll never grow,

If I let negative thoughts consume me.

I’ve got to let them go,

Before the negative effects start to show.


So I won’t reach for the bottle of whine

I won’t take that first fatal sip of moan-et.

It’s not worth it,

Thinking I’m worth less

than I really am.


Now it’s later

and I’m thinking again


But the thoughts don’t intoxicate

they emancipate,

I have freed myself from the negative chains.


I was born to pave the way,

I live for brighter days.


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