Paint What Happiness Looks Like

She stares at the blank canvas

placed before her.

“Paint what happiness looks like”

Suddenly, she begins to falter.


Just like the others in the room,

she picks up the brush

and in a rush,

she begins.


At first she paints a family setting

A husband, a dog and two children.

She steps back and sighs,

Tears the paper to shreds and starts again.


She draws herself,

CEO of a company.

But realises the figure

looks way too grumpy

  • that isn’t who she wants to be.


In the mirror that’s not what she wants to see.


She needs to find happiness,

In a panic she looks around the room.

She copies her neighbour’s painting

In order to hide her gloom.


“Three two one your time is up!”

“Everyone show your art to the group.”

She turns around her picture,

and sees her image repeated in a loop.


Everyone’s picture is the same,

No one can hide their shame.


They’ve looked outside for happiness,

when really it begins and lives within.

Comparison is the root of all melancholy,

so stop giving in.


If you’re in a relationship for the sake of it,

working a job even though you hate it,

step back. Life is what you make it.


Paint your own masterpiece,

and discover your own inner peace.





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