Two or three times now I’ve been close enough

close enough to feel that rush,

all coming at once.

Can’t get enough.


But then it stops.

All too suddenly,

all these pieces are left for me

to pick up,

Whilst keeping my chin up

I’ve had enough.


When will the rush

turn into a high?

That lasts for a long time,

so I can stop questioning why.

Because that love will really be enough.


It’s just –

all too much.

Growth all happening,

then it stunts.

Enough? Yes I’ve had enough.

Picking up the pieces of my broken heart,

I’ve had enough.


For once,

I would like to be at peace.

No one throwing their opinions at me,

It’s my life

I have to live it right.


I’m standing up,

against all the useless advice

from all the people who don’t care about my life.

They’re just reflecting

what’s happened to them, projecting

their negative vibes

onto my life.


Two or three times I’ve been close enough,

but the universe has pulled me back.

At first

I thought it’s just bad luck,

but now I see the universe has my back.

I have faith I’m on the right track.



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