You may make me cry

But F.Y.I

I also cry



So …


Really, truly

You’re mental abuse

Can’t rule me


You’re a fool if

You think I still love you,

After all you’ve put me through.



I’ve got a stronger connection

With my Wifi

Than there is

Between you and I


Never mind


It’s been over for ages,

Don’t act like we are still together

Thinking you can do whatever

But I can’t do what I want?

No –




It is that’s keeping you around me

Try to not suffocate me

With your negativity.


It’s a pity

We never worked out.

But that doesn’t mean that you can scream and shout

Now I’ve found a man who actually works out


… Ouch.


So F.Y.I,

Next time you try

To make me cry

Or pick a fight


Save it.

I won’t be around

Now I’ve found

Myself again


F You Idiot!

Never will you control me again.


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