A Letter to a Friend

Dear friend

I’m writing to say,

I admire your strength

and also the way

you wear your smile everyday.


It’s not easy I know,

the universe hasn’t been kind.

But one thing is for certain,

your strength gives me peace of mind.

I know you will be just fine.


Dear friend

I hope you know your worth.

How you light up

every room you enter.

I hope your smiling now,

I hope you remember.


Life has thrown obstacles

at you before.

Look how well you handled it,

you’ll get through it this time

I’m sure.


I hope it takes some weight off

your shoulders knowing

I’ll be there beside you

to help you to keep rowing

your boat against the tide

I’ll be right by your side.


Dear friend,

thank you for those

times you

cured my boredom

laughed at my bad jokes

(the ones you’ve heard before)


Thank you for your appreciation

of all music.

You’ll still listen to me singing along

even if it’s not your favourite radio station,

and I get all the words wrong.


Dear friend

I’m writing to say

thank you for being special

in your own unique way,

and making me laugh and smile

every single day.


As Beyoncé would say,

you slay.



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