Bread and Circuses

People used to laugh at me

When I spoke of conspiracy theories

At circle time in R.E.


But now many years later

I see evidence everywhere

On the TV, in the newspaper


Those conspiracies

Weren’t speculation,

They were intended

To be hidden from the nation.


But people would rather cover their ears

Than face the truth

As long as they have food

As long as they have a roof.


Reality is, we are controlled on mass.

Everything we come across in life

Is orchestrated,

And nothing is made to last.


Corporations convince you

That you need everything that is new.

Nothing should be old,

Your personality should be bold

And you should always do as you are told.


This control they can maintain

As propaganda forces us to name and shame,

Turn against our neighbour

All because that’s what we have been told by a newspaper.


I’m more in favour

Of love thy neighbour

But not necessarily of religion,

As that’s been altered too

Makes us do things we would not normally do

But it’s ok if our god tells us to.


Ever heard of divide and conquer?

It makes the higher powers stronger


But you can’t blame the people

What good does that do?

And I can’t make a fuss

Because I’ve got a job to go to

I’ve got a family and they need food.


We are all walking contradictions

Suffocated by our knowledge of evil

But kept going by our will to live

So we swallow our problems

For one more day

And silently pray

That we will find a way.




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