I’m so sick of hearing

“Are you still single?”

Well you’re still salty,

Does that make you a Pringle?


It’s just twisted logic –


It’s actually mad.

How can learning to grow and work on myself,

Be classified as bad?


I’m just out here doing my thing,

I don’t understand.

Apparently, I must be

lacking in something –

All because I don’t have a man?


‘You’re a typical Feminist’

Excuse me miss how is that a negative?

Oh yeah I forgot

You think all Feminists are man-haters

Let me tell you,

no they definitely are not!


Yes I’m all for girl power

Just like the Spice Girls

But I also want to live in a world

Free from expectations of both men and women


The thing is


that boy isn’t weird

because he doesn’t pick up girls every night,

And that girl is strong and she doesn’t have a boyfriend

Guess what? that’s alright!


Don’t get me wrong

I’m not anti-relationship

It’s just I would rather be singing the Britney song

Than be in a relationship that’s toxic


I’ve seen wars unfold

Right before my eyes

Because he didn’t pick up the phone all night

And she got caught enjoying attention from other guys


So forgive me,

If I don’t jump into something

Oh so easily


You see,


I’ve seen the best kind of love

The unconditional, the loyal, the true

So I’m not going to settle for some mediocre bond

So future soul mate when I get to you

I can rest assured that you will see

The best version of me.









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