It’s Your Day Grandad


we all look up to the sky

we raise our drinks up high.

Happy Birthday Grandad,

It’s your day.



you would have been 78

and yes, it would be great

if we could all still see your face.

Still see you sitting in your place,

just across from the television

in the Aylesbury estate.


Instead we solider on,

visit where you were laid to rest.

It’s a time of reflection,

where we attempt to create a connection

with you up in heaven

reassure you we are doing our best.


At every family gathering

there is still a space for you.

With every laugh, smile and tear

we know you feel it too.


At times of celebration

your absence is still felt

but your memories live on.

Over time they have helped

us to focus on the good.

Keep us moving forward,

that’s what you would have wanted us to do.


Don’t worry

your infamous advice still lives on,

Dad frequently reminds me

that you used to say ‘trust no bastard,

and you will rarely go wrong.’


So today Grandad,

we know it’s your birthday

but we all wanted to say

we love and cherish you

and still think about you every single day.


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