Two Paths


Facing two paths

Which one will she follow?

Will one bring her fulfilment?

And will the other

Only make her feel hollow



They both look the same

Relatively plain

But surely one leads to loss

And one leads to gain?

Does one lead to happiness

Does the other lead to pain?



For a sign

Someone or something to tell her

Which path is wrong,

which path is right

a voice to reassure her

that regardless

everything will be alright

the feeling of regret,

she won’t have to fight.



A person appears within sight

Stands to her right

With not one second to spare

The person has chosen a path

They have disappeared

Out of sight


Was this a sign?

‘Is their path the same as mine?’

She places one foot forward

In the same direction

But she stops, pauses

Upon reflection

She reckons

She should listen

To what her gut is telling her


She picks the other path

Feigns fearlessness, confidence

She mutters

‘I’ve got this’


Along the journey

She begins to realise

Her mental attitude is creating

The path she is taking

So whatever she encounters

She’s in control

Because she believes in herself

She’s finally let go.



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