Small Talk

I’m drained. All this pointless conversation, it brings me nothing but pain.   I would rather not speak than hear about how the weather is meant to be nice this week.   I want to know what makes you tick, what makes you stop, what makes you glow.   The roughness of your edges what … Continue reading Small Talk


Two Paths

Standing Facing two paths Which one will she follow? Will one bring her fulfilment? And will the other Only make her feel hollow   Confusing They both look the same Relatively plain But surely one leads to loss And one leads to gain? Does one lead to happiness Does the other lead to pain?   … Continue reading Two Paths


Build them up Until you can’t see anymore Protect yourself it’s safer You say to yourself In order to reassure, To stay sane You let the barriers remain Ignore the pain Shelter from the rain Refrain You don’t want to be hurt again   Letting someone in Letting someone win Destroying you from within Yet … Continue reading Barriers


I’m so sick of hearing “Are you still single?” Well you’re still salty, Does that make you a Pringle?   It’s just twisted logic -   It’s actually mad. How can learning to grow and work on myself, Be classified as bad?   I’m just out here doing my thing, I don’t understand. Apparently, I … Continue reading Pringle