It’s Your Day Grandad

Today, we all look up to the sky we raise our drinks up high. Happy Birthday Grandad, It’s your day.   Today, you would have been 78 and yes, it would be great if we could all still see your face. Still see you sitting in your place, just across from the television in the … Continue reading It’s Your Day Grandad



I’m so sick of hearing “Are you still single?” Well you’re still salty, Does that make you a Pringle?   It’s just twisted logic -   It’s actually mad. How can learning to grow and work on myself, Be classified as bad?   I’m just out here doing my thing, I don’t understand. Apparently, I … Continue reading Pringle


You may make me cry But F.Y.I I also cry At D.I.Y SOS.   So …   Really, truly You’re mental abuse Can’t rule me   You’re a fool if You think I still love you, After all you’ve put me through.   F.Y.I I’ve got a stronger connection With my Wifi Than there is … Continue reading F.Y.I